Advertisement in the Poland Fruits magazine

POLAND FRUITS is a business magazine and a web trade platform directed to B2B and B2C.
The mission of magazine is delivering information to the overseas companies interested in the Polish agricultural and food industry. The magazine is also a database which facilitates the exchange of economic and commercial contractors looking for business contacts in Poland.

POLAND FRUITS is addressed to manufacturers, exporters and importers of agricultural and food industry (including food producers, wholesale and retail food trade companies, export/import  food companies, groups of producers, producers and distributors of plant protections, machinery and equipment and accessories for agriculture, technology, logistics and transport companies, owners of individual farms, Polish and foreign wholesale buyers of fruits and vegetables).

Number of copies: 10 000

Distribution: home and overseas trade fairs and conferences, personal meetings, post office mailing to carefully selected addresses and e-mailing based on a solid database.