ANGKORFOOD+HOTEL 2019 welcomes more companies to the show

24 August 2019
ANGKORFOOD+HOTEL 2019 will feature the latest products, services and equipment from over 150 companies and brands hailing from 16 countries. This three-day Event is set to attract thousands of professionals from the hospitality industry from all over Siem Reap and the surrounding regions. This is the best platform to generate invaluable sales leads, explore new business opportunities, and network, network, network! »

Control beetle larvae biologically with B-Green

23 August 2019
This period of the year, many lawns are damaged by beetle larvae. B-Green, based on parasitic nematodes, provides you with an efficient, fast and, above all, 100% biological solution. The most commonly occurring beetle pest is the larvae of the garden chafer (Phyllopertha horticola). They can usually be found just underneath the turf, where they eat the roots. Parts of your lawn will die and become detach. »

Rise in new varieties, positive outlook for the start of the new season

22 August 2019
Following a 2017/2018 year which ended early due to a lack of supply, the 2018/2019 season has been the opposite for the South Tyrolean Consortium. An extremely challenging year saw prices collapse in autumn after a very plentiful European harvest. “The new harvest in South Tyrol promises to be of good quality, with volumes in line with the past season, albeit - unfortunately - with smaller sizes - comments CEO of VOG Gerhard Dichgans »

Bluestim® prevents cracking in soft fruit

18 August 2019
Soft fruit growers who use Bluestim® end up with fewer micro-cracks in their strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. What's important is that they spray each fruit - from flowering to harvest - once every three weeks. Bluestim® has been part of Biobest's product range for several years now. “This natural and powerful product reduces the effects of abiotic stress. »

Apple and pear crop forecast for Europe - Prognosfruit

12 August 2019
Prognosfruit releases apple and pear crop forecast for EuropeThe 2019 European apple and pear crop forecast estimates that most European countries are expecting a rather low apple and pear crop for the coming season. On 8 August 2019, close to 300 representatives of the international apple and pear sector met at the Prognosfruit Conference in Alden Biesen, Belgium. »

Freshfel Europe offers solutions

30 July 2019
Freshfel Europe has warned EU market access experts of the need to act urgently to address the challenges that the European fruit and vegetable sector are facing to access third country markets. Freshfel Europe recommended concrete solutions that would help diversify fruit and vegetable export opportunities during last week’s European Commission Market Access Working Group on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS). »

VIVEROS GUZMÁN will be present at Flower & Garden Attraction

30 July 2019
We will put at your disposal the widest range of products and services on the market for plants of all types and gardening products, thanks to our network of production centres and our human and commercial resources structure. Viveros Guzmán group has a great team of specialists that is always at the service of our customers. This is complemented by a group of suppliers who provide quality and service at the highest level, fusing this with very competitive prices. »

The organised distribution of fruit and vegetables gains ground in the specialist channel

20 July 2019
In Spain, the fruit intake is 1.5 servings per day and the vegetable intake (excluding potatoes) 1.3, based on the ‘Status Report on Fruit and Vegetables: Nutrition and Health in Spain in the 21st Century’, coordinated by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN in its Spanish initials). These data mean that Spain does not reach the minimum consumption recommended by the scientific and health community. »

22 – 23 May Moscow hosted the 2nd International Investment Orchards of Russia

16 July 2019
Forum and Exhibition which was devoted to the development prospects of commercial fruit, berry, and grape growing industry in Russia. The Forum spanned over 500 delegates from flagship commercial orchards, vineyards, berry plantations, and fruit nurseries. Within the 2-day Forum, the industry leaders, manufacturers of equipment and services talked about the strategies of running a successful agriculture business, improving efficiency and reducing production expenses. »